Capture Academy - Capture Basics with Caiti


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Capture Academy - Capture Basics with Caiti

The Capture Basics includes everything you need to take your camera skills from basic to elite.

This course will take you from “What is a shutter speed?” to “I only shoot in manual.” We teach you every function of your camera in a straightforward, hands-on approach.

Designed by an overly busy human who needed a little extra TLC when it came to learning photography FOR the overly busy human who needs a little extra TLC when it comes to learning photography.

Learn how to shoot in manual.
Learn how to find good light.
Learn how to edit your images.
Learn how to be the master of your camera.


If there’s one thing I understand, it’s information overload. UGH. I’m a hands-on, learn-kinda-slowly type of girl (with a sprinkle of dyslexia and a whole lot of abstract).

Due to my nature as an artist (and I’m guessing is yours as well), your learning style is the same. High five, we are awesome!


In this course, I break down all of my secrets, strategies and shortcuts to becoming a confident photographer.

This course might be for you if:

✓ You can’t figure out how to turn on your camera…hey, we all start somewhere!

✓ You have a passion to photograph and document moments as they unfold around you.

✓ You want to learn how to be in control of your camera (not the other way around).

✓ You can see beautiful images in your head but cannot figure out how to create with your camera.

✓ You have watched countless tutorials and YouTube videos with no luck and have even punched your camera in frustration.

✓ You want to learn how to edit photos but don’t know where to start (hello, Photoshop overwhelm!)

✓ You don’t have a lot of time on your hands. You’re a busy human being with responsibilities and priorities. Taking years off to attend photo school isn’t an option.

✓ You want to learn how to capture emotion in a photograph but you can’t get your kids to sit still.

✓ You would love to be able to create high-quality images that support and enhance your brand and business.

learn your camera. create art. make an impact.